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September 3, the fifth Scholarship Issuance Ceremony of Senyuan Group – Yulin•Senyuan Hope School Foundation was held in the school. Vice President of Senyuan Group and Vice Chairman of the Foundation Mr. Yang Heling and other members of the Foundation issued the scholarship and gave a grant of 100,000 Yuan to 17 Yulin students who were just enrolled into universities, 18 excellent teachers of Yulin•Senyuan Hope School, and 36 excellent students and destitute students. 

On behalf of Senyuan Group and Yulin•Senyuan Hope School, Vice President of Senyuan Group Yang Heling extended his sincere congratulations towards the students and teachers who received the commendations. He said that “the scholarship issuance aims to commend the students who are enrolled into universities this year, and commend the excellent teachers and students, so as to advocate the social custom of ‘respect teachers and emphasize on education’, and establish a good atmosphere of respect knowledge and talents. I hope that the students who received commendations will cherish the honor, be modest, make persistent efforts and make new achievements. I wish that all the teachers will always remember their mission, love the education cause, be stringent in the work and diligent in study, constantly enhance the teaching capabilities and improve teaching quality, and cultivate more useful talents for the society. I also wish that all the students will follow the example of those who received the commendations today, cherish the good study environment, set great ideals and stick to them, study hard and become useful talents to the country and the society. ”

During the ceremony, student representative Zhao Yanmin who was enrolled into Central China Normal University said that she will always be grateful and study hard to repay the hometown and the society. Representatives of excellent teachers and students also expressed that they would not let those who care and support them feel disappointed, they would be diligent in work and study, and make efforts to build Yulin•Senyuan Hope School as the best school in Changge City. 

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