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1.Human Resource Policy

1)Hiring process
We encourage you to regularly consult our HR specialist for relevant job postings and to attend our campus recruitment fairs.
If you are an experienced worker, we invite you to explore our current job openings from the job posting page, or simply submit your resume to our specialists, they will contact you when there are career opportunities aligned with your qualifications.
Send your resume to hr@hnsyec.com, or call +86 371 67391111. Join Senyuan!

2.Employee training program
Internal training:
The internal training program helps employees to maximize their values inside our company by giving workshops in different period. As the company is experiencing a rapid development time, it has growing demand for human resource. According to your capability and career plan, employees receive business orientation, internship trainings, professional trainings, workshops of management skills, pre-promotion trainings, etc.
External training:
We encourage our employees to stay up to date in their professional fields, and keep acquiring new management ideas. So far, we have sent administrative personnel and technical personnel to Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Dalian University of Technology to pursue advanced studies. In 2014, we spent 3 million yuan and worked with Tsinghua University to offer classes of management, finance and marketing.

External training


3.Career development
Career path:

Promotion mechanism:

When it comes to promotion, we always adhere to a principle, “Use the capable ones, replace the average ones, relief the incapable ones.” There are management position competition ever year to encourage young men to get promoted. New grads can participant in these competitions one year after entering. Junior managers also receive professional management trainings, which greatly enhanced our human capital, improved our managerial skills, and strengthened our executive ability.

Reserved cadres will be assigned to reserved position after internship, and will be tutored by senior management expert for 1-2 years. They will receive series of training in terms of managerial knowledge, social relationship, leadership, communication skills, etc.

4.Payroll and benefits
Payroll structure:


1)Full social insurance which include: pension plan, medical insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance.

2)Cozy apartments, cafeteria, medical service onsite, cinema, and a variety of sports facilities within the plant area. A/C, water heating system, shower, TV, and internet all available in the apartment.

3)Free working clothes for winter and summer.

4)Gifts for all staff on their wedding day, birthday, etc.

5)Seasonal benefits based on attendance.

6)All staff receive gifts on all the traditional Chinese festivals.


2.Expert team


For a long time, we have kept bringing experts from all related fields to the company. Now we have 6 State-Council Allowance obtained professional experts, over 60 doctors and overseas returnees, which formed huge R &D team, sales team, technical team and a postdoctoral workstation.

1)Hong Cao, CEO of Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd., member of National High Voltage Switch Gear Standards Committee.
2)Xishan Chen, CEO of Senyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., studied in Japan, participated in several national space projects.
3)Binglie Ma, VP of Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd., chief engineer, expert of International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC), member of National High Voltage Switch Gear Standards Committee.
4)Zhenyuan Si, assistant manager, assistant chief engineer, member of National High Voltage Switch Gear and DC Switching Power Standards Committee.
5)Tengfei Yin, hydraulics system expert in Senyuan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., former director of hydraulics system research center in Putzmeister.


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