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2014 YEAR
  • 2014 Senyuan Group acquired partial shares of CITIC Guoan Group with 1.6 billion Yuan and became its third largest shareholder.
  • 2014 Started the Lankao Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station project.
  • 2014 Completed the 2nd phase of Electric Industry Base and put it into use.
2013 YEAR
  • 2013 Senyuan Electric successfully issued non-public additional shares and raised 720 million Yuan.
2012 YEAR
  • March Board Chairman and President Mr. Chu Jinfu was awarded “Economic Figure of the Year 2011”of Henan Province.
  • June 10th Celebration ceremony for the 20th anniversary and the inauguration of the new plant was held.
  • 2012 Sales revenue exceeded 10 billion Yuan.
2011 YEAR
  • 2011 The independently developed SAPF active power filter device was awarded Famous Brand Product of Henan Province.
  • September Senyuan held the fifth session of the sixth conference of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association High-voltage Switch Branch.
2010 YEAR
  • February 10th Senyuan Electric was officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
  • April 29th Henan Senyuan Group Electric Industry Base project was started in Changge New District.
  • August Senyuan was approved to build the “Postdoctoral Research Workstation” by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and National Administrative Committee of Post-Doctoral Researchers.
  • December Senyuan Group won the 1st Mayor’s Quality Award of Xuchang City with the highest score.
2009 YEAR
  • 2009 Senyuan active power filter product won Science and Technology Progress Award of Henan Province.
2008 YEAR
  • May 27 Governor of Henan Province Guo Gengmao visited Senyuan Group.
  • July Senyuan gained the approval of Science and Technology Bureau of Henan Province to build the Medium Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution Unit Research Center.
  • November 26 Yulin Senyuan Hope Primary School was inaugurated.
2007 YEAR
  • 2007 Senyuan was approved by Development and Reform Commission of Henan Province to establish the Wind Power Research Center, and the first batch of wind solar street light products were put into use and won good social and economic benefits.
  • November 25th The foundation laying ceremony for the new plant of Henan Senyuan Group Benma Co., Ltd. was held in Xuchang City.
2006 YEAR
  • May 6th Senyuan Zhengzhou Hi-tech Industrial Park was put into use.
  • July 5th Governor of Henan Province Li Chengyu visited Senyuan.
  • July 12th Senyuan products exported to Kazakhstan.
  • 2006 Senyuan Group was recognized as one of Top 100 Key Enterprises of Henan Province. Benma 3-wheel car was awarded “National Inspection-Free Product”.
2005 YEAR
  • 2005 Henan Senyuan Group Benma Co., Ltd. and YTO Group Corporation reached an agreement and set up YTO Benma Company.
  • 2005 The “Internet-based Switch Equipment Manufacturing and Sales E-commerce Platform” project was granted financial support of 4 million Yuan by National Development and Reform Commission.
2004 YEAR
  • 2004 Senyuan was recognized as National Key Hi-tech Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology; VS1 high voltage vacuum short-circuiter, MNSS low voltage cabinet were recognized as Famous Brand Products of Henan Province.
  • 2004 The trademark “(Yu Senyuan)”was approved.
2003 YEAR
  • 2003 Senyuan was selected Key Pilot Enterprise of Informationization in the manufacturing industry of Henan Province; GZS1 mid-mounted cabinet was awarded Famous Brand Product of Henan Province.
  • September 5th Party Committee of Senyuan Electric was established.
2002 YEAR
  • 2002 Senyuan Group acquired Henan Benma Co., Ltd. and conducted reorganization.
  • June 10th The company held an exhibition for the achievements achieved during the decade since its establishment.
2001 YEAR
  • 2001 Senyuan passed the certification of ISO9001 system.
2000 YEAR
  • 2000 Changge Switch Factory completed the shareholding reform and established Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd. under the approval of Henan Government.
1999 YEAR
  • 1999 Senyuan passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality system.
1998 YEAR
  • 1998 The GZS1 mid-mounted switch cabinet jointly developed with Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences gained the authorization of industry authority. It is a significant success in the industry and marks that the Changge Switch Factory has transformed from a component manufacturer to a whole set switch equipment manufacturer.
1997 YEAR
  • 1997 The disconnector switch products ranked first in terms of production and sales volume and market share and maintained the position ever since.
  • 1997 The new office building was completed, which provided excellent condition for the production of high-tech products and modern management.
1996 YEAR
  • September Senyuan acquired Changge High-Voltage Electrical Appliances Factory. This was the first acquisition in the company’s history. It not only solved the demand for larger production site, but also realized leap development in the understanding, which provided experience for future merge and reorganization.
1995 YEAR
  • 1995 Senyuan issued Enterprise Management Standard as the basic principles for the factory’s organization and management of the production and operating activities; and set up an assessment committee, which marked the company’s standard and scientific management.
1994 YEAR
  • 1994 Production value of Changge Switch Factory doubled.
1993 YEAR
  • May 1st Changge Switch Factory moved to Renmin Road, Changge County.
1992 YEAR
  • June 10th The former of Senyuan Group “Changge Switch Factory” was established.
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