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1. Conduct technology assessment to promote leap development of the company

The company always adheres to the guiding concept of “making quality products and establishing a first-class enterprise”, and takes technological innovation as the basis for company development, and aims to lead the market, support and promote the company’s development through technological innovation and establish Senyuan and Benma brands as the first-class engineering vehicle brands in Henan Province. “Yu Senyuan” has become the top brand in the field of intelligent power transmission and transformation and electric power quality correction.

Senyuan leads the development of the special vehicle market in terms of the product development, technology and development direction for the 6t truck crane and electric mobile police station products. Senyuan is the pioneer in the development of agricultural biogas engineering vehicle. In terms of the evaluation results, the quality of Benma biogas vehicle is far more superior to similar products of Dongfeng and Foton brands.

As Top 100 Enterprise of Henan Province, Senyuan has set up two provincial Enterprise Technology Centers, Postdoctoral Workstation, Provincial Level Medium Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution Facility Research Center, Wind Power Generation Center of Henan Province, Electric Power Quality Correction Equipment Research Center of Henan Province, etc. Senyuan is the first manufacturer in Henan Province that has gained the qualifications for the production of five kinds of special vehicles including dump truck, special cargo truck (tank truck), special work vehicle, common truck trailer, truck crane, etc. The company has successfully developed more than 120 new products in 6 major categories, including high/low voltage switchgear cabinet, disconnector (incl. earthing swith), circuit breaker, special electrical equipment for rail transit, SAPF active power filter equipment, TWLB device, etc.


2. Follow latest international trend, improve the capability in technological innovation.

The company has established technological cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Dalian University of Science and Technology, Xi’an High Voltage Electrical Appliances Research Institute, National Power Electronics Research Institute, ABB, Siemens, Russia National Electrical Appliance Research Institute, etc. which enables the company to utilize cutting-edge technologies both at home and abroad.

1) Improve independent R&D and innovation capability through the “bringing in, digesting, absorption, and innovation” strategy

The company has established technology innovation management system which focuses on independent innovation with the supplementation of “bringing in, digesting, and innovation”. The company sticks to the strategy of “digesting, absorption and re-innovation” based on the introduction of domestic advanced technologies. Through the establishment of postdoctoral workstation, enterprise-university cooperation, and joint design, the company independently developed more than 120 new products in 6 major categories, including high/low voltage switchgear, disconnector (incl. earthing switch), circuit breaker, special electrical equipment for rail transit, SAPF active power filter equipment, TWLB device, etc. which consolidates the company’s leading position in the fields of electric power quality correction and intelligent switchgear equipment. The company also independently developed Senyuan special vehicle and Benma low speed special vehicle products and gradually established independent R&D capability in the vehicle assembly, rear axle design, engine emission control, vibration absorption and noise reduction, new energy electric car, special vehicle, etc., and testing and assessment capability in the whole vehicle and key spare parts, and greatly improved the independent R&D and innovation capability.

2) Widely adopt advanced R&D technologies and experimental methods to reduce the R&D period

The Technology Center constantly adopts advanced technologies to replace traditional technologies, and applies CAD/CAPP/PDM digital design and simulation data analysis software, 3D Pro/E large structure design and analysis software, etc. in the R&D and production. The Center also has built BOM product data management system and enterprise standardization management system, and has reduced product development period to 3~5 days whereas it usually takes counterpart enterprises 10 days. Thus the Center can conduct 7~10 product development and retrofitting projects a year on average.

3) Actively participate in the formulation of product standards and become leader of the industry

Organize and participate in the formulation of 20 national standards and industry standards. General Manager of Senyuan Electric Cao Hong is member of National High Voltage Switchgear Standardization Technology Committee. The company has established complete data management system, and built a data room for the collection and storage of knowledge and information.


3.Products produced with advanced technology of proprietary intellectual property rights

The company emphasizes on the development and application of key technologies; multiple research projects havebeen selected in the key technology plan of provincial or national level; and multiple products of advanced level in China have filled the gap in domestic market. The SAPF product has been recognized as national key recommended product for the purpose of energy-saving and emission reduction.

Through continuous research and development, Senyuan has gained 72 advanced technologies, won three Science and Technology Progress awards of provincial level or national level, and won 11 technical achievement awards.

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