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Senyuan Group provides financial aid for staff children in 2014

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September 10, Senyuan Group holds the Student Grants Issuance Ceremony for staff children for the year 2014. Chairman Chu Jinfu made an important speech. Vice President Qiao Qingzhou nominated the staff children who were enrolled into universities. Chairman of Senyuan Electric Yang Heling, leaders and staff representative of member companies of Senyuan Group also attended the ceremony. 39 staff children who were enrolled into universities and their parents received the subsidies from company leaders and they were all very excited.

Chairman of Senyuan Group Chu Jinfu congratulated the 39 staff children and extended his respect to their parents. He said that student sponsorship program would benefit the students and have a long-lasting effect; and it was an important work for Senyuan Group to actively practice the corporate concept of “serving the society and contributing to the country”, and establish a harmonious enterprise and implement the heart-warming project; we have kind hearts and we also do good needs, we would further advocate the traditional virtues of “devoting your love and caring for the future” and establish a good atmosphere of caring and helping those staff who are in need of help.

Mr. Chu asked the children who will enterthe universities: first, be grateful, care and treat their parents with filialrespect, and also serve the society; second, be independent, and be brave to takevarious challenges; third, repay the society and become a valuable citizen tothe society. Mr. Chu also asked them to have lofty ideals and contribute to theprosperity of the nation. He suggested that all the parents to carry forwardthe good tradition, to take responsibility, and to have the confidence to improvethe family’s financial situation. Mr. Chu hopes they will become the impellerto fulfill the Chinese Dream and Senyuan Dream with their wisdom and hard work. 

During the ceremony, parents representatives Lou Guanglin and Yang Qiuxia gave a speech respectively, they both showed their gratefulness for the Company’s care, and they said that they would always remember the warmth of the big Senyuan family and not fail the expect of company leaders; meanwhile they encouraged the children to cherish the opportunity, be diligent in study, and repay the society in the future.

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