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Senyuan Group donates for Wenchuan earthquake relief

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May 17, Senyuan Group donation ceremony for the earthquake relief was held in the multifunctional hall of Benma Company. Chairman Chu Jinfu, Vice President Yang Heling, senior management staff of Senyuan and the employees attended the donation ceremony. Everyone actively donated and showed their concern for the disaster-stricken people. Meanwhile, the Group also set up donation boxes in Zhengzhou Industrial Park, Senyuan Switch Plant, Parts Plant and Assembly Plant, Benma 3-Wheel Manufacturing Company and Automobile Manufacturing Company. 

May 12, 2008 – a violent earthquake of 8.0 magnitude struck Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, and the whole Asia felt the quake. Just in a flash, all the houses collapse, roads disconnected, communication was gone, and the disaster area was more than 100,000 km2, and hundreds of thousands of people were buried in the ruins. 

May 14, Chairman Chu Jinfu donated 200,000 Yuan for the disaster-stricken people. In order to help them to live through the disaster. Senyuan organized a donation again. On the donation site, we can see that many staff that was on their business trip asked their colleges to donate for Wenchuan; many newly recruited members who haven’t received their first pay also donated. Though we cannot go to the disaster site to help, our hearts are closely connected with the disaster-stricken people. According to statistics, the overall donation reached more than 350,000 Yuan.

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