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Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for Yulin•Senyuan Hope Primary School

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“The new school buildings greatly improve our learning environment. On behalf of all the teachers and students, I’d like to express my sincere gratitude and respect to Senyuan Group who donated for the construction of the school. ” the young voice of the student representative indicates his longing for the new school and his gratefulness to the sponsor. 

October 16th, the foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for Yulin•Senyuan Hope Primary School was held in Yulin Village Town of Houhe. Yue Baozhou, director of the Bureau of Education in Changge, Chairman of Senyuan Group Mr. Chu Jinfu, Director of finance Mr. Yang Heling, and Government officers of the town and Yulin Village attended the ceremony.

Asan entrepreneur born in Yulin, Mr. Chu Jinfu said to his fellow villagers “Weare born and raised in this land, cared and protected by each of the fellowmen,we felt the good influence of the excellent traditional culture, received qualityeducation, and we have developed good personality. Though we are not at homefor all those years, we never forget the nurturance of our hometown and we careabout its development all the time. When we achieve success and get stronger,we would like to express gratitude for the love and care from the fellows. Aswe all know, economic development relies first on education, in order to letour descendants receive better education, Senyuan Group will donate 2 millionYuan to build the Yulin Senyuan Hope Primary School for the interests of ourdescendants. 

Director of Changge Education Bureau Yue Baozhou highly praised Senyuan Group’s donation, he said that “Senyuan Group’s donation is a philanthropic act and will benefit the hometown people a lot. It shows the care and support of Senyuan Group to the education cause of Changge City, indicates that Mr. Chu Jinfu, as an excellent entrepreneur cares much for people’s livelihood and has strong sense of responsibility to repay the society.”

Representative of Yulin Village and student representative of Yulin Primary School also extended their sincere thankfulness for Senyuan Group respectively on behalf of the villagers, teachers and students.

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