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Wind and Solar Street Light

SYF-400 intelligent off-grid wind and solar power generation device is a new type energy-saving product independently developed by Zhengzhou Senyuan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. It has gained multiple patents like low speed power generation, permanent magnet, etc. In addition to high technology, environmental care and energy-saving features, it also has a rotating windmill which looks beautiful.


Photovoltaic Power Station

Photovoltaic power station will become a new strategic business and new economic growth point of Senyuan Group. April 1st, 2014, the 200MWp photovoltaic power station project of Zhengzhou New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was approved by the Development and Reform Commission of Henan Province. It is a comprehensive agricultural project mainly using photovoltaic power generation technology. With total investment of 30 billion Yuan, the project will be built as a 3GWp photovoltaic agricultural power plant in three years. The first phase (200MWp distributed type and 100MWp decentralized type) will be completed and put into use at the end of the year, and the expected annual output is 2 billion KWh.

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