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The design and production of Senyuan Electric products has reached advanced level in China. Senyuan’s 40.5 kV KYN series high voltage switchgear product has filled the gap in domestic market in terms of electrical insulation and mechanical life and it was the first product that met all the 18 requirements issued by the State Grid. The SAPF active power filter equipment jointly developed with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tsinghua University has reached advanced level in China, and the product has been selected in China’s major electrical equipment project and Henan Province’s hi-tech industrialization project. The special high voltage switchgear, inflatable switchgear kit, circuit breaker, and disconnector products all reach leading level in China; The wind and solar complementary independent power supply system (wind and solar street light) realizes low speed power generation and zero emission, and has become a key recommended product for the purpose of energy-saving and emission reduction, and it has been selected in the independent innovation bidding and tendering project which is supported by the government of Henan Province.

Senyuan Heavy Industry produces high quality products which are superior to the national standards and some products reach international advanced level. The company has gained manufacturing qualifications for 5 categories of special vehicle among the total 8 categories. Senyuan Biogas Engineering Vehicle and Mobile Police Station products have filled the gap in domestic market and have advanced qualities.

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