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SENYUAN New Energy Division consists of Henan Senyuan New Energy Technology Development Co., Ltd., Henan Senyuan New Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd., Xuchang Senyuan New Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd.,Ruzhou Xintai Solar Power Technological Development Co., Ltd.,Henan Senyuan Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.,  Xuchang Senyuan Baicao Garden Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd.,  Henan Senyuan Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., Shan County Zhonghe New Energy Co.,Ltd. and other subsidiaries. The business scope covers solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power engineering construction and project operation and sales, solar photovoltaic power generation technology development, promotion,consulting, transfer and service; sales of electricity; electrical equipment contracting, undertaking, and testing; power engineering design and construction; New energy technology development, technical services; Chinese herbal medicine planting, processing, sales; sightseeing tourism. Up to now, SENYUAN New Energy has built more than ten distributed photovoltaic power stations in Zhangzhou, Ruzhou and Shan counties, and is constantly providing clean energy to the society every day.


Secretary of Henan Provincial Party Committee Guo Gengmao inspects the photovoltaic project


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