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In 2002, Senyuan Group acquired the state-owned Henan Benma Co., Ltd. and conducted enterprise reorganization. Thus Senyuan Group entered the vehicle manufacturing industry and initially established the diversified industrial layout. After the reorganization, the Group quickly made strategic adjustment and transformed into a heavy manufacturing enterprise in 2009. With more than 20 automatic production lines and 900 CNC production equipments, the company’s annual output reaches 300,000 vehicles. At present, the company has more than 200 kinds of products in 6 categories including engineering vehicle, sanitation vehicle, special electric vehicle, electric passenger vehicle and electric car.


According to Senyuan Group’s 12th Five-year Plan, the vehicle manufacturing base project will mainly focuses on the industrialization of vehicle and spare parts production, so as to accelerate the product transformation and upgrading and the change of economic development mode, which has been selected as key project of Henan Province in 2014. The production capability of the project includes:① Annual output of 50,000 special electric vehicles. The Group will build new workshops of 50,000m2, add new welding line, assembly line and comprehensive coating line; bring in new CNC machining, testing machine and auxiliary facilities. ② Annual output of 15,000 plug-in hybrid power system. The Group will build new workshops of 14,500m2, and bring in new system assembly, detecting and testing equipment; adopt tandem hybrid power control technology, and conduct industrialization R&D on the plug-in hybrid power system. ③ Annual output of 1,000 full hydraulic high-pressure concrete pump truck.The Group will add cutting, welding and punching equipment in the existing workshops, adopt hydraulic control, anti-inclination technology and high strength steel materials to conduct light weight and industrialization research on the high pressure pump truck products, and establish the annual output capability of 300 high pressure concrete pump trucks. In 2014, we have already invested 600 million Yuan in the construction of new workshops, product lines as well as equipment procurement and infrastructure construction.


Concrete Pump Truck Production Line


Concrete Mixer Truck Production Line


Crane Production Line

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